Sara Hoffmann, Without Worries, 2020, 23:22 min, Germany. Courtesy of the artist.

Sara Hoffmann

*1985, lives and works in Berlin

Without Worries, Germany 2020, 23:22 min


Every year in October, the tubs of exotic plants in the park of Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam are brought into the Orangery to protect them from wind and cold. This storage highlights the commodification of living things and addresses the colonial practice of migrating plants. The omission of humans as the cause of these abrupt movements in the cinematic image humanizes the plants. While they seem to float through the historical backdrop, other traces of German colonial history become visible, such as those being investigated by the working group “Postcolonial Potsdam” since 2014.

curated by Robert Seidel within the programme Phantom Horizons

The on-going screening series Phantom Horizons presents digital as well as analogue works that question the paradigm of linear perspective, seeking a new kind of “status perspective” [Bedeutungsperspektive]. The latter was a development of ancient and medieval painting, in which the size of figures is determined by their hierarchical significance. Extending this approach using the methodology of deconstruction and the possibilities of contemporary film creation, the presented works open up multifaceted, unseen horizons.

Robert Seidel *1977, lives and works in Berlin.  | www.robertseidel.com

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