Theodoulos Polyviou & Dakis Panayioutou

Post Impalpable Rites

In landscape architecture, “Desire Lines” are the imprints of illicit paths that emerge when predetermined patterns of movement are not adhered to and spaces are accessed contrary to their planning. Planned lines start from conventional navigation methods that become inscribed in everyday life over time through repetitions of norms and rituals. To deviate from these lines is to become disoriented.

With Post Impalpable Rites, Theo & Daki celebrate a divorce from the virtual reality that populates our private and public spaces. Visitors currently experience and develop “Desire Lines” mainly digitally, with body extensions such as their smartphones. In the window front of Künstlerhaus Bethanien, the artists transform an architecture that was once constructed virtually but is now brought into the exhibition space in real terms. The structure represents the already built part of a building, a future space and at the same time the outline of a ruin from the past.

Lines are both created by being followed and followed by being created. – Sarah Ahmed

Theo & Daki have been working together for the past two years. The duo is interested in site-specific responses to space and the exploration of open forms of audience participation. Ritual, ideology and architecture are displaced and analysed in order to be able to create formulations about selfhood and desire.

curated by Carola uehlken


OPEN WINDOW is a series of presentations by the artists-in-residence at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, who currently don’t have the chance to show their work in the usual Open Studios and exhibitions. Their works can be seen from the window front, Kottbusser Str 10 each day. Initiated by Arthur Debert.


06.03. – 21.03.2021
Mon - Sun: 10am - 12pm
Admission free