Elizabeth Tubergen


Double Grave, 2019-20, 28 ft long x 12 ft wide x 10 ft tall, Installatiosansicht DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Boston, MA, USA

„At its core, my work is an investigation of queerness as a spatial condition. Through creating and calling attention to undetermined, marginal and interstitial spaces, I envision a world in which the potential for dissent, dialogue, loitering, play, and otherness are valued. When I take up space with my art, I also take a political position aimed at making more space for difference. My work is contextually specific, large-scale, and can be experienced through bodily interaction that is not exclusively visual—it marks/directs the extension and passage of bodies in space. In this way, I create sculptures that are active sites, foregrounding the triangulated relationship between artist, artwork, and audience.“