BIG FUCK, 2020, edition of 3, wood, paint, steel poles, lights, plaster, transformer, 206 x 153 x 70cm

BIG FUCK is a response to 2020. Dealing with the pandemic, Trump, an increase in racism and uprise of popularity of fascist leaders, I initially created a small scale sign, then felt compelled to make the larger one. Since the sign is an edition, a second BIG FUCK sign, pointing in the opposite direction, will be showing concurrently in the exhibition WIEDERERWACHEN, curated by Semra Sevin, at Luckendwalder Straße near Gleisdreieck in Berlin. When one fuck isn’t enough — double fucks.

– Tracey Snelling

OPEN WINDOW is a series of presentations by the artists-in-residence at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, who currently don’t have the chance to show their work in the usual Open Studios and exhibitions. Their works can be seen from 4pm to 12am at the window front, Kottbusser Str 10 each day. Initiated by Arthur Debert.

14.12.2020 – 14.01.2021
Mon - Sun: 4pm - 12am
Admission free