Shoufay Derz, Expulsions, video, sound, filmstill, 2:44 min, 2018. Courtesy the artist

On this endless ocean

Watching in slow motion

As you turn away and say

Take my breath away

Take my breath away

Still anticipating love

Never hesitating

to become the fated ones

In time you slipped away

Haunted by the notion

Somewhere there’s a world in flames

Take my breath away


Expulsions was filmed on Heron Island, Australia. The largest living organism on Earth is a coral reef known to us as The Great Barrier Reef. It is spectacular, breathtaking and as an outcome of human activity it is also disappearing. The lyrics are a riff on the hit 1986 love song Take my breath away by the band Berlin. In 2020 the word “Breath” takes on new meaning.

– Shoufay Derz

OPEN WINDOW is a series of presentations by the artists-in-residence at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, who currently don’t have the chance to show their work in the usual Open Studios and exhibitions. Their works can be seen from 4pm to 12am at the window front, Kottbusser Str 10 each day. Initiated by Arthur Debert.


08.12. – 17.12.2020
Mon - Sun: 4pm - 12am
Admission free