Søren Thilo Funder


First Citizen (House of the Deaf Man), HD Video, 12’30″, 2013, still from video, courtesy the artist

Søren Thilo Funder’s works are audio-visual productions dealing with diverse cultural fields, integrating aspects of critical theory, literature, cinema, popular culture and counter-cultural disciplines. They are formal investigations of the power relations of modern day society. Through the use of cinematic narratives and mise en scène the works aim to expose the invisibles of urban society, using fiction to pose new questions and generate a new potential space, a third place, for political contemplations and counter-memory. Funder’s practice investigates the link between rituals of citizenship and the psychology of the individual citizen, as well as the mechanisms and paradoxes of engaging in the societal, the communal and the relational. Through various productions, he is slowly and carefully circling in on an ambiguous weirdly animated image of the modern subject and the collectiveness that she must, in one way or another, be part of. The works are caught in between reenactment, performance and pure fictional cinema, driven by a methodic and experimental research in visual language. The works reflect both the surrounding society and the inner construction of the works themselves, in an attempt to challenge the truisms of both.

01.01. – 30.06.2014