Masashi Echigo


There is no smoke without fire, 2013, Wooden hut, greenhouse, unicycle, printed photo, agricultural tools, 1100 × 1800 × 5500 ㎝ (Installation), Photo: Kimito Takahashi

Art to me is a tool that connects me to the world. My work is born out of the intermittent interaction I have with others and society. In fact, I am primarily interested in its process as a catalyst for creation. The approach I have taken in the past few years has been to travel, to share or to borrow things temporarily and to attempt to share myself with others. This process concludes when the work presents to the viewer a series of objects, photographs or installations, which are spatially and physically tied to the contexts of each place.

Like the birds that migrate from one place to another, I stay on the move.  Wherever I land, by getting to know a new culture, taking in the colours and scents of the place and by interacting with local people, even the most unremarkable things start to look totally different to my eyes. I believe it is my role as an artist to get in there and be involved.

The original text for the show  „On sharing: you is you” at Gallerie Geukens & De Vill, Antwerp, Belgium. http://www.art-agenda.com/shows/masashi-echigo-at-geukens-de-vil-antwerp/

15.08.2013 – 15.08.2014