Emma W. Howes


Ankyloglossia (n.Tongue-tie) 2013, Detail from mixed media Installation: entomology pins, pinning block, digital-print limbs, courtesy of the artist (Photo: Kai Meyer)

Emma Waltraud Howes’ working process is influenced by a reverence for the ‘Theatre of the Absurd’. Her projects are articulate gesticulations informed by a background in Dance, Performance Theory, and a formal training in the Visual Arts. Her process-based research is guided by observations on contemporary gestures and the history of their production and manifest as choreographed multiple reconfigurations of the body.

The corporeal body in her work, similar to her material objects, can be seen as ‘characters’, emphatic subjects that serve to enunciate the purpose of our dysfunctions. She frames these elements towards a reconciliation of mind-body dualisms, an optimistic proposition for incremental change. Concerned with malleable boundaries, Howes incorporates movement, collage, sculpture, drawing, and video in live performance and interdisciplinary installations.