Jorge Pineda

Dominican Republic

Lección de anatomía: Cadáver Exquisito, homenaje a Joseph Beuys. 2013, Instalación. Esqueleto hecho de tiza, forrado con pan de oro. 2.80 x 50 cm, Photo: Juan García Rosell y Lucía Pat (IVAM. Institut Valencia d`Art Modern, Generalitat)

Jorge Pineda combines the moment and the process of masking with a kind of traumatophilia in which the practice of art is, properly speaking, the sublimatory impulse. The artist himself has underlined his interest in the effects of traumata, focusing on the fragility of childhood. His work leads us into a dark domination or, to be more precise, forces the gaze to support a modulation of the (Jungian) archetype of the shadow… That outline of the shadow of a man (omnes umbra hominis lineis circumducta) serves to articulate a metaphysics of the image as a presentation of the absent – a reworking of the erotic lost in memory.

01.04. – 30.06.2014