Donna Ong


I promised myself as a child, never to forget what it felt like to be a child – to dream and invest in the imaginary, the fantastic, the impossible.  My work is about trying to keep that promise.
Grand projects are dreamt up and an attempt to realise these visions undertaken; using whatever comes to hand, be it a broom or a bucket.  Each project is chosen from a game, story or dream from childhood, a search to recapture a remembered past with the tools, skills and knowledge of the adult one has become – an adult playing a child’s game much too seriously.  The resulting sculpture installations and drawings though seemingly playful, elicit a poignancy that arises inevitably from the knowledge that the immense amount of effort lavished is expended in vain – for the desired goal is often chosen precisely because it is unattainable.  Yet this factor is also what gives the investigations their emotional charge and appeal.

01.06.2013 – 01.06.2014