Natascha Stellmach


A photo / video artist with origins in experimental filmmaking, my work plays between worlds: documentary and fiction, image and text, analogue and digital, silence and soundscape. It takes on the fundamental issues of the human condition: identity and death, with poetry, irony and darkness. Paying homage to essayist film, and gleaning from the music video and the hearing impaired film, I create intimate story books (often moving image and based entirely on looped stills). Addressing identity and memory, and mixing personal portrait with make-believe, the work raises critical questions about notions of truth, psyche and the subjective nature of memory. Exploring the relationship of narrative to image, the work seeks to encourage dialogue and invite us to investigate our relationship to the world and ourselves.

Natascha Stellmach

01.07.2006 – 30.06.2007

Exhibition: 03.05 – 20.05.2007