Lynne Marsh


Marsh’s work is located at the intersection of artistic concerns pertaining to performance, cinema and the broader question of the image, and the cultural and social concerns that operate at the convergence of speculative fiction, fashion, and the political, social and imaginary stakes of territorial exploration.In addition, Marsh’s work pursues and reconfigures the complex borrowings and the cross-fertilizations between mass culture (panorama, vaudeville, puppetry, video games, etc.) and artistic modernity.

Marsh’s works present conceptual and visual experimentations that mobilize a certain feminine body (contemporary and historically located at the intersection of feminism, the virtual and interactive image, the human genome and imperatives of globalization) by positioning it as the producer of the spaces that it traverses and inhabits. Marsh’s works also rely on the spatial and immersive properties of multimedia installation, as well as on the historical connotations of installation as medium and form, to create parallel and speculative spaces of reflection and spatial inhabitation for the viewer.

(Sylvie Fortin)

01.07.2006 – 30.06.2007

Exhibition: 03.05 – 20.05.2007