Mladen Bizumic

New Zealand

I work on projects that avoid the traditional resolution of form and content in becoming aware of a time that has shifted into the period of extension, a period of the near and far, of the side-by-side, in which space is given to us as the form of relations between locations.

In my recent project event.horizon. black.hole, a vast L-shaped wall is erected in the gallery acting as the projection screen. The images of the crumbling architecture of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris play back-to-back with images of an avalanche on Mt. Cook (a UNESCO-protected area) in New Zealand. Presented in a mirror format, each projection resembles an enormous, constantly morphing Rorschach blot. The soundtrack is a recording of ambient sounds from the U.N. Memorial Cemetery in Busan (South Korea) mixed with the sounds of the flapping flags recorded outside the U.N. headquarters in New York. Soundtracks and videos can be swapped with new ones depending on the exhibition location.

For example, for the 2006 Busan Biennale the local sound recorded at the U.N. Memorial Cemetery replaces the previous one from New Zealand. In such environments the question “Where are we now?” seems to defy any single answer.

Mladen Bizumic

08.06. – 24.06.2007