Adriana Molder


Over a few years of regular presentation of her work, Adriana Molder has managed to carve herself a niche as a producer of images, by creating an ever-expanding gallery of figures with a clearly recognisable authorial stamp.

Adriana Molder’s pictures are immediately identifiable through the specificity of their technique. Their peculiar textures, due to the use of tracing paper, are allied to an unusual handling of India ink, in which randomly-generated blotches are manipulated. The various transparencies and unexpected density that result from these methods create the peculiar, indeterminate space in which the characters seem to be immersed.

As we look at the entirety of her oeuvre, we are faced with a gallery of figures which combine elements of portraitist fidelity with fictional or narrative inventiveness, while over the whole hangs something we will call an atmospheric quality, to avoid calling it an aura. An atmosphere that turns representation into memory, where the separation between picture and viewer becomes irreversible, leading to the inevitability of the almost soft passing of a shadow of death.

(Alexandre Melo)

01.12.2006 – 30.11.2007

Exhibition: 27.09 – 14.10.2007