Ingrid Lønningdal


'Fibre Reinforcement (Økernsenteret)' and 'Fibre Reinforcement (Stavanger stål)', 2019. Hessian and silicate paint, each 260 x 130 cm. Photo: Vegard Kleven

In her practice as a visual artist, Ingrid Lønningdal seeks to provide an understanding of the spaces we inhabit, often by using architecture as a starting material. Her projects deal with how we relate to our surroundings, and she is keenly interested in spatiality and colour, urban renewal and architecture. The works are materialised trough painting, drawing, photography, text, and textile. They are drawn on paper, published as books, painted directly on walls or take shape as sculpture.

In many of Lønningdal’s works, she conducts close studies of buildings, very often low status buildings such as factories and production facilities. These buildings carry some of the most iconic markers of prestigious modernist architecture: modularity and prefabrication. She has also been interested in mid-century modern architecture, such as that found in California, as well as highly esteemed post-war architecture in Norwegian cities. Her work highlights themes such as what kind of ideologies the buildings manifest, the ‘commodification of the unique’ stemming from modernism, degrees of accessibility, and connections between architecture and art. Another relation that piques her interest is that between art and city development, a topic she has engaged with in writing and through photography – most notably in the publication ‘Borgen: A place for culture production’.

01.12.2019 – 01.12.2020