Mar Fjell


A Call for Care and Connection (Video still), 2018. Intervention with a choir (20 minuter x 3 times). Videographer: Ulrika Gomm

Mar Fjell (1981) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Stockholm. Their practice is positioned within performance and socially engaged art, and includes various media such as sound, text, video, performance and objects. Currently Mar is working with “A call for Care and Connection” – which happens through a choir of queer, non-binary and trans persons to enable a self-other-care through shared stories. The project explore methods of participatory, collaborative and collective artistic strategies to create better conditions, communication and care amongst queer and trans persons. Over the last year Mar has been engaged in establishing a platform for feminist queer entanglements, together with artist and researcher Malin Arnell, through the project “In Each Other’s Company”. Together they have also performed and organized participatory events at, among others, Titanik Gallery (FI), Amsterdam Spring Performance Festival (NL), Treignac Projet (FR), Academiae Biennale (IT) and recently curated the exhibition “Circuit Training – a retrospective in becoming. Konsthall C 15 years 2004-2019” (SE)

01.01. – 30.06.2020