Lauryn Youden


I build my house on the heads of my enemies, 2019, hand carved self-defence cane, Caduceus pendant, hand-dyed bandages (dyed with various treatments for chronic pain: Tigerbalm, Advil liquid gels, CBD + THC tincture, magnesium, zink, iodine), twine.

Lauryn Youden (1989) is a Canadian performance and installation artist, writer and independent curator. Youden’s practice derives from her research and navigation of modern Western medicine, the medical-industrial complex, ‘alternative’ healing practices and traditional medicine for the treatment of her chronic diseases and invisible disabilities. By publicly presenting her personal experiences and re-evaluations of the history of medicine through a feminist, Crip queer lens her work illuminates and advocates for repressed, marginalized and forgotten practices of care and knowledge.

01.04. – 01.12.2020