Eric Schumacher


Eric Schumacher, /11;11, 2019, mixed media, dimensions variable. Installation view, Villa Vauban, 2019, Photo: Christof Weber

The work of Eric Schumacher (LU, 1985) is premised in a consideration of the lack of cultural context within our spatial environment through sculpture and installation. Proposing a dialogue between tradition and globalisation, his work aims to draw parallels with our yearning for identity, highlighted throughout our material culture with its tendency to replicate, imitate, merge and impair. Schumacher humorously plays with the asynchronous relationship between authenticity and cultural devolution with references towards art history, questioning its legacy within mass produced design and architecture.

Recent works have incorporated elements of corporate and institutional design, and explored how capitalist and social environments co-exist. How do people interact within this environment and what impact do these capitalist structures have on everyday life?