Rie Nagai


Area (34°23'44"N, 132°27'13"E, c.2071), 2017, Pigment, Aluminum foil, Metallic Tin powder on Japanese paper, 45.5 x 53 cm

I do indoor landscape paintings of public space imaging an area’s future. However, the essence of my interest is not only to look at superficial details but to clarify the hearts of people interacting with that community.
The reason I came to explore this way is closely related to what I was born and raised in Japan. Japanese people have a cultural tendency to harmonize with the group and their behavior changes depending on the position or place they belong to. In addition, even their emotions and thoughts seem to change depending on where they stand. Therefore I think that many feelings and thoughts are not born from individuals, but from places or communities. I do paintings under this hypothesis.
My paintings are imagined and restructured based on two perspectives. First, how the place is open to the outside? Second, how is the relationship between internal people and power structure? I restructure the area by reflecting two analysis results in the way of how inserting a light into the area and how the internal structure exists.

01.11.2019 – 30.10.2020