Amélie Laurence Fortin

Canada - Québec

Wallpaper (Papier peint), detail, 2020, 872 cm x 281 cm, collage and print

Over the course of the last decade, the subject of exploration, territory and time became the main pillars of Amélie Laurence Fortin’s artistic practice. In the work series Le Roc étincelant (2010-2016) and Crash (2017-…), the artist focuses on various perceptions of space – natural space, exploratory space, full space, empty space, interplanetary space, etc.

Using the limits that are inherent to each exhibition space as a scenographic and conceptual starting point for her projects, she has essentially turned her practice towards multidisciplinary installation in which several practices such as light work, kinetic sculpture, objects, photography etc. are brought together. Throughout the past nine years, she has undertaken several adventures, expeditions, residencies and interdisciplinary collaborations that she was able to translate into works and exhibitions by way of her ingenious practice.

01.01. – 31.12.2020