Brittany Ham


Freckle Maker, 2019, acryl on canvas 23.75" x 30.25"

“My practice is centered around the construction of narrative as a vehicle for the presentation of formative personal experience. The narratives I work with are based in the confrontation of humor and trauma, and engage with conversations of art historical practice, feminine experience, and the anxiety of human embodiment. I explore painting as both a mode of construction and deconstruction in these narratives; the abstracted and simplified quality of my paint application hides the event from the viewer as much as it presents the content for viewing.”

Brittany Ham (b.1990) is an American artist currently living and working in San Antonio, Texas. She earned her MFA degree in Studio Art in 2016 from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and her BFA degrees in Painting and Communication Design from Texas State University in 2012. She has been featured in national and international publications such as New American Paintings and Friend of the Artist. Brittany has been a member of the Clamp Light Artist Studios and Gallery artist collective since 2017, and she has been a co-director of the collective since 2018.

15.01. – 01.04.2020