Kyoco Taniyama

stone will flow, leaves will sink

In Kyoco Taniyama’s practice, the concept of ubiety – the sense of being in a particular context, in a particular place – is omnipresent. Her multimedia installations are multi-layered interpretations of this interrelation between places, people and identities in terms of culture, history and everyday life in a particular place. Currently, Taniyama’s interest lies on how politics and societies deal with negative aspects and events in the present and history as well as the tendency not accounting for the past, but rather wanting to conceal it.
In Berlin, she formed discarded objects that she collects – cans, rusty metal, empty bottles – to abstract sculptures, which she documents photographically and by video before creating harmoniously shaped artistic metaphors of concealment. With the video footage of the garbage sculptures, which are shown as a projection together with the plaster sculptures, Taniyama simultaneously reveals the origin and process of this concealment. She presents the works of her installation as an experimental tour, giving the viewer the opportunity to constantly gain a new perspective on things.

The artist will host an incense-smelling experience in the exhibition every Saturday and Sunday, 4 – 5 pm.

“Stone will flow, leaves will sink” is a Japanese idiom. It is a metaphor used to denote abnormal or contradictory deviations from expected political outcomes or conditions.  The expression condemns unethical political decisions, or unjustifiable aspects of society and is thus used to critique or redress imbalances in both the Japanese, or international political environments. 

17.01. – 10.02.2019
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 pm