Hayden Fowler


Together Again, Cage, Australian dingo, Virtual Reality landscape, Installation and live performance, Performance Contemporary, Carriageworks, Sydney, 2017. Photo: Joy Lai, Courtesy Artereal Gallery, Sydney

Hayden Fowler’s practice is motivated by the global human/nature crisis, widely regarded to be at a point of no return. Fowler addresses the failing of the dominant Western discourse to account for the psychological, spiritual and cultural significance of nature for humanity, asserting alternative narratives and belief systems in his depictions of the future. Fowler’s methodology includes the construction of materially and conceptually layered installations depicting scenes ranging from pristine futuristic interiors to post-apocalyptic landscapes. These spaces utilise narrative tropes of romanticism, utopianism/dystopianism and science fiction to generate choreographies between plants, animals and humans that weave technology, architecture and life forms into strange new systems.

01.07.2018 – 01.07.2019