Anne Wallace


Bolero (working title), 2015, Still from video work in progress

I want to understand the intersection between my personal journey into my body to release childhood trauma and the cultural journey to heal the violence of genocide, slavery, and forced migration. Trauma heaped on bodies.
What keeps us from connection, wholeheartedness, compassion? Legal scholar and activist Dr. Isabelle Gunning says, “Know your history; know the other person’s history; recognize your interdependence.”
Go deep into the felt sense, question received assumptions, live with contradictions, ask uncomfortable things, listen to painful feedback. Until you know that we are all human beings, with commonality and differences.
The dance floor is a contact point, a border. I don’t ask your name, country, immigration status or story. I look into your eyes and put my hand on your shoulder. You don’t know about my life. You put your hand on my waist and lead me across the floor.

15.07. – 15.10.2016