Riccardo Benassi


Techno Casa – An Introduction To, HD Videostill produced by Xing, GAMC Ferrara, Marsèlleria 2013, Courtesy the artist

Riccardo Benassi, who frequently collaborates with architects, artists, curators, musicians and theoreticians, reflects on the impact of technology on our daily relation to time and space, analysing how technological devices have radically altered the structures for living and organizing the real, from architecture and politics to cultural production and consumption. Benassi’s works are the result of an assemblage of images, sounds, colours, texts, design objects and various other materials, which are formed into large-scale installations, videos, performances, artist’s books and sculptural elements in which the visual is but one of the many aspects that make up the final result.

15.10.2015 – 15.10.2016