Esther Hovers


White, 2014, Photo: Esther Hovers

Recurrent in my work are the themes ‘control’ and ‘power’. I approach these as a conceptual documentary photographer. Within the theme of ‘control’ there are two different elements that fascinate me. On the one hand, my work deals with the ways in which control is exerted within public space. When does architecture constitute an expression of power? How do urban planning and architecture determine our movements?

On the other hand, my work aims to discuss ‘control’ in a political sense. What is the position of the individual within a predetermined system? The ultimate presentation of my images reaffirms my role as an investigator. I present them in spatial installations which merge the different aspects of my investigation. In doing so, I make combinations between my photographs, drawings, and occasionally, films.

05.09. – 28.10.2016