Alyona Tokovenko


"Transcript", 2019, Kyiv, gallery 89, photo: Olexander Rakhnjansky

“I work across different media and my artistic practice focuses mostly on the issues of trauma, memory and fetish. This, in my opinion, is what human identity is shaped by. I have also very intimate relations to with these subjects. In my work, I explore the body, consciousness, trauma, and the way we process it in our life. The form it takes in my works is the opportunity to recognize distressed experience and separate it. If thinking about consciousness as a map, my works are knots, crossroads there, marking the moments of the different shapes’ transformation and its outcome. The moment of reflection (and?) manifestation. The magic of consciousness, so to speak. Or like in a “transcript” I try to discover the similarity and distance between the memory and the idea of it. I take out some pieces from flat images, giving them volume in an attempt to move the tactile sensations away from the picture, creating a whole from a single fragment. Therefore, I grasp the distance between memory and reality, whatever that means.”

With kind support by the Goethe Institut France and Cité des Arts Paris.

01.10. – 31.12.2022