Yun-Pei Hsiung


One-Megaphone Project. A protest tool kit designed for enhancing the on-street experience. © Yun-Pei Hsiung

Yun-Pei Hsiung was born in 1985 in Taipei, Taiwan, where he grew up. A graduate from the Design Products Department at the Royal College of Art in London, his work is situated at the crossroads of art and design. In his interventions, he harnesses the possibilities of design to trigger social actions in the public realm. His works involve ready-made objects, designed tools and drawings for use in public spaces aimed at triggering debates on social and political issues. His recent works such as the One-Megaphone Project (enhancing street protesters’ experience), Keep It Tiny (housing as a human rights game) and Special Friends Circle (a series of drawings exploring the Taipei queer perspective), touch upon social and political issues that are deconstructed and reassembled as social sculptures.

In his work at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Hsiung will draw on his own queer identity and Taiwan’s global political situation to question the political relationships between Germany and China, past and present.