Wu Chuan-Lun

R.O.C. Taiwan

Coast Mining, 2014-15, Found petrochemical objects, 3D scanning, computer generated images, Diasec, Installation 360 x 1230 cm

The artist is fascinated by the phenomena that blur the boundaries between nature and civilization in current era, using versatile media such as CG, found objects and photographic.

One of the context are animals in unnatural or human’s perspectives — such as taxidermy left behind from the Japanese Occupation Era, pictures of humans kissing animals, and flocks of birds that inhabit interchanges. He sees them as a sign and develops a viewpoint that is modeled after a museum in order to verify the logic of these signs.

In another direction, the artist starts out from modeling itself to ponder digital software’s role as both tool and medium, responding to the visual experience of our times and investigating the logic  of production. In “Coast Mining”, by 3D scanning, he gives discarded and weather-worn products a new identity. The artist rearranges the order amongst digital platforms to actual objects, expands one’s imagination of resources. Simultaneously, all links back to the artist’s constant concern towards the not-yet-defined status between nature and civilization in our time.