Lynne Marsh

Stadium – first cut


Does the distinction between entertainment and art, mass culture and developed aesthetics still exist? While the fine lines between art and the rest of the world become increasingly permeable with every new biennial, Lynne Marsh analyses the mutual borrowings between art and popular culture. Thus in her new work “Stadium – first cut”, the Berlin Olympic Stadium becomes the backdrop for a new video work. Marsh combines material filmed on the spot with 3D-animations of a stadium model and composite pictorial material of a performance to create a dynamic, ultimately dizzying spectacle of heightened fusion reminiscent of contemporary music videos, Science Fiction and fantasy films. In the process, the artist employs the possibilities of multimedia digital technologies to create parallel spheres and worlds beyond the reproduction of reality.

In collaboration with the choreographer Ayman Harper, the dancer Gail Skrela and the composer Oliver Doerell.

04.05. – 20.05.2007
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free

7 - 10pm

Studio 2, Bethanien