Annedore Dietze

In her current paintings Annedore Dietze is looking for half abstract, half representational solutions for volumes, for forms that within their arrangement and spatial appearance speak a language on their own. A basic idea for some of these pictures was provided by a bouquet of peonies, whose flowers refused to open. Over a long period of time, Dietze observed these spheres, which had gradually transformed into a kind of paper, into a concentrated skin object: “I saw volumes and forms in a certain colourfulness, which came into question as the basis for many of the works that followed. My main problem, life itself, becoming and passing away, is strongly expressed in them.”

The second part of the exhibition deals with dystopias and depictions of war. Again, she uses round forms, heads, body parts of soldiers and horses, which are dropped into chaos and violence. The living creatures here seem rather lost and left alone, less dominant than the flower shapes in the peony works.

19.06. – 12.07.2020
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free