Song-Ming Ang


Song-Ming Ang’s work uses a wide variety of formats to explore the social aspects of music. Although it often starts with a constructed premise, its outcome is never fully predictable. The video Be True to Your School (2010), for instance, shows former pupils of a Japanese elementary school attempting to remember their school song decades after graduation, while The Robots (2009) features an all-female amateur a-cappella group performing a self-arranged cover version of Kraftwerk’s eponymous song.  In You and I (2009), Ang posted an invitation on his website asking members of the public to share an intimate experience with him, and in return participants received a personal compilation of songs on a CD-R. Ang’s work was recently exhibited at the 3rd Singapore Biennale (2011) as well as in two solo shows at SoundFjord and Stanley Picker Gallery in London (2010). In 2010 Ang was furthermore an artist-in-residence at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, and ARCUS Project, Japan.

01.06.2011 – 31.05.2012