Stine Marie Jacobsen


Jacobsen works in a multidisciplinary way with performance, video, photography and text. Central themes that recur throughout her projects include cinema, violence, death, gender archetypes, anonymity, and mediation as a generic form.

Her work is developed associatively as well as site- and situation specific. Half of her body of work is collaboratively created with others and also her solo projects have a collaborative approach. Jacobsen is interested in expanding the classical notion of individual production and strategies of participation.

Recently, her projects have resulted in for example a silent protest video about detention with a group of American high school students, inviting a Danish readers digest magazine to write her project into a crime story and later using her face for a fictive character in another crime story. Currently she is working on a long-term text and video project with German citizens about their individual perceptions of violence.

01.01. – 30.06.2012