Sandra Boeschenstein


sie suchen nach einem praktikablen Modell für Zweifel und entscheiden sich für ein wartungsfreies Monument, 2014, 33 x 48 cm, Oil pastel and oil on paper

The immediacy of drawing is the premise for a simultaneous exploration and observation of the transitions between perception and thought. I focus on these transitions, working with images as a primary means of knowledge – not in terms of a stable meaning but a cluster of meanings. I am looking for alternatives to the static notion of sense, bringing my investigation of the limits of investigability to bear where the reduction of complexity inherent in any investigation is swept away. Here I can observe the behaviour of meaning in precarious and exposed zones. In my drawings I search for situations that slightly precede or unfold beside the relaxing state of causality, working with the constitutive and disintegrating energies of meanings. I work with the affirmative quality radiated primarily by figurative images, aiming for pictorial clarity as a material that fails to deliver information: neither a functional condensation of information nor a nonsensical connection but a pressing formulation of a question which, due to its consistency and size, cannot be answered directly and fully, but whose outlines can be sharply drawn.

01.04.2014 – 01.04.2015