Stary Mwaba


I started off as a peer councillor teaching family life education as means to sustain myself and contribute to the welfare of my family, by illustrating my themes mostly about the prevention of HIV and Aids and the use contraception, Drawing and moulding became the basis of my teaching methods to produce posters and wall murals, also producing objects that engages with the public mostly the youth I worked with on various projects, for more than ten years with the so called Non-governmental organisations in their quest to ‘Educate” the populace on family life education, I also have worked in a solitary studio space simultaneously.

My recent methodology of execution focuses on creating work from these two areas, amalgamated in one space and idea, work that embraces the need to educate, to be experienced and the need to express oneself. My current works draws from personal archival resources and other materials that focus on progressive afro ideologies, Ideologies that embraced freedom of expression, future aspiration and personal advancement based on local initiative, I want to interrogate, and re-examine the historical events of the past, in order to critic the present.

15.04.2014 – 15.04.2015