Nicolae Comanescu


photo @ Valentin Savu

Nicolae Comănescu (aka Comă) was born on November 14th 1968 in Pitești. In 1998 he graduated from the painting section of the Bucharest University of Arts, in the class coordinated by Ion Sălișteanu. He is the founder of the Rostopasca group, one of the most rebellious artistic groups in Romania, which marked the years of transition from socialism to capitalism.

Humor, irony, social intelligence, versatility and protestant civic spirit are attributes that made the artist a survivor of life in the city. Also nicknamed the star of Berceni (the part of Bucharest where Comănescu has lived since 2008), Comănescu showed a major interest in the topic of recycling, the accumulation of matter and its reuse in different aspects, using dust, slag, ash from small barbecues, cement and adobe, as well as used materials, such as textiles and objects from his household inventory.

08.01. – 21.04.2024