Ming Wong


Let me start on German, because I am now a Germanguestartworker, here in Kreuzberg of Berlin, with my Turkishimmigrantneighbours, Punksquatfamilies and convential artistspeople.

Please excuse me if you understand me not, I am still less eloquent on this side than off. I have my language lost to whom her better treat. If really I speak, is the language there but I not. It is more that the language me speaks than that I her speaks. The language speaks through me. I am her ventriloquistpuppet. I spend most time try not speak, try not misunderstood become.

Sometimes try I fight back. Go away you monster! I make new my own verbaltradition, I try be my own conversationpiece, I must be subtitled resist, or I will again disappear. Whether I for others still sense more result, it remains being waiting.

01.08.2007 – 31.07.2008

Exhibition: 05.06.- 22.06.2008