Lisa Strömbeck


Main Scene for My Next Horror Film, 2003. Photo: Andreas Koch

In the tradition of Nordic Film and literature, such as the films of Ingmar Bergman, there is a focus on the ‘small world’, and its flows of desires and meanings in everyday life. Themes that are recurrent in the video and performance-based artwork of Lisa Strömbeck, whose work is at once intensely private and very public. Most of her works take their point of departure in everyday occurences „sometimes intimate, sometimes nonsensical“ [L.S.] that are interwoven with the spectacles of popular culture and issues of gender, shot through with a large dose of melancholia and loss.

(Excerpt from: Simon Sheikh, ‘Dossier Copenhagen – Lisa Strömbeck’ in: Kunstbeeld – Tijdschrift voor beeldende kunst, nr. 5, 2001.)

Lisa Strömbeck, born 1966 in Andrarum (Sweden).