Jenny Lindblom


Jenny Lindblom, Studio view 2013

Jenny Lindblom combines paintings, collages and objects into broken up mini-narratives, exploring the limitations as well as the possibilities of representation, expression and identity. Sources and references range from towel origami to Lindsay Lohan, from sex toys to team building strategies, from 1990s new age electronica to John Keats – and are woven together by means of repetition, association and fragmentation.
In dialogue with the omnipresent and dictating aestheticization of reality, Lindblom focuses attention on those moments when our private selves shine through our social selves, on the collision between the person we imagine ourselves to be, and the one we want other people to see. Though aspiring for austerity and gravity, the works often have an undercurrent of subtle humour which undermines and obfuscates that perspective.