Roey Heifetz


Roey Heifetz, "The Teacher's Nap", photo: Joachim Schulz

Roey Heifetz, who studied art at the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem, has exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. His large-scale drawings are delicate in detail despite their often rough overall aspect. This results in a certain closeness on the formal level of drawing and a distance from the content of the drawing. The artist thus strikes a balance between beauty and irritation, naivety and reflexion, intimacy and distance. Heifetz often portrays figures of knowledge such as the librarian or teacher, who in his mind are linked to the desire of learning and a yearning for linear order. These figures are sometimes multiplied, disassembled or stretched to the limit, and sometimes shown in a moment of relief, possibly starting to physically decompose or possibly napping, between wakefulness and sleep, when the process of losing control and detachment from reality starts.

(David Behning/Avi Lubin. Excerpts from a text for Schir – art concepts)

15.07.2012 – 15.07.2013

11.04 – 05.05.2013