Jannicke Låker


Låker’s frequently ruthless stories make audiences squirm in their chairs when she includes them in the narrative and shows them exactly what they don’t want to see. With wry humour she presents people in cruelly manipulated and unpleasant situations. (…)

Jannicke Låker is one of the very few Norwegian artists who have consistently worked with video and developed the media into a powerful tool, using low-tech video language as a starting point. Låker’s productions are simple, yet they are planned to the extent of their frame and story. (…)
It is in the videos in which the artist herself is directly involved, either in front or behind the camera, that the expression is most powerful. Here, Låker shows a devil-may-care attitude, which has made her one of the most interesting and exciting Norwegian video artists.

(Excerpt from: Jan Kokkin, Feministisk videovold, in: Jannicke Låker: Videoarbeider 1997-2003, Morgenbladet 2003.)

01.12.2005 – 30.11.2006

Exhibition: 08.12 – 23.12.2006