Sancho Silva


My works attempt to chart, through small deflections and exaggerations, the different spatial vectors that we inhabit and that inhabit us. The assumption is that space can be analysed into discrete identifiable components that fit into each other while forming functional or dysfunctional wholes. Space can be seen as an all-encompassing machine made of unstable components emanating from different historical periods and political strategies. My works attempt to disclose the role that the organisation of space has, together with that of time, in our constitution as subjects.

‘Captor’, for example, consisted of a plywood tunnel, gradually shrinking in size, ending in a glass capsule. The entrance of the tunnel coincided with one of the doors leading from the office space onto the exhibition space. All other doors connecting these two spaces were locked, so that the gallery was literally cut in two: people arriving at the gallery from the stairs were physically separated from those arriving with the elevator. Those who belonged to the former group would be able to go through the tunnel and enter the glass capsule from where they could look onto the exhibition space without, however, being able to access it. Those who belonged to the latter group could enter the exhibition space and look onto the exterior of the tunnel and the capsule without, however, being able to enter these.

01.12.2005 – 30.11.2006

Exhibition: 29.09 – 15.10.2006