Gladys Kalichini


Burial/Erasing Erasure, video installation, 4 mins 30 sec, 2017 installation at Albany History Museum, 2017, photo: Gladys Kalichini

Gladys Kalichini’s work explores representations of women in relation to dominant, national colonial histories. Her ongoing project focuses on notions relating to the (in)visibility of narratives of six women in relation to the official independence narratives of Zambia and Zimbabwe (formerly known as Northern Rhodesia and Southern Rhodesia).

In her previous project ChaMoneka: UnCasting Shadows / FyaMoneka: Exploring the Erasure of Women Within Zambian history, she explores the erasure of women from the Zambian history and collective memory. As a point of entry into the broader conversation of women marginalised from certain historicised events, she analyses the narratives of Julia Chikamoneka (1910 – 1986) and Alice Lenshina (1920 – 1978) in relation to the official narration of the independence struggle of Zambia as recorded in the National Archives of Zambia and the United National Independence Party (UNIP) Archives. She conceptualises erasure as a complex notion that encompasses (mis)representations, (mis)positioning, removals, absences and blind ways of seeing.

01.09.2019 – 01.09.2020

KfW Stiftung