Eva Olthof


El Deformes, 2013, newspaper, 40 x 29 cm, 16 pages, i.c.w CRAC Valparaíso, Chile

In recent years my work has been focusing on questions around the photographic image in relation to the unseen or the unperceivable. Questioning truthfulness and the contingency of memory and history play an important role in my work, as well as raising thoughts and questions about the documentary image versus the imaginary. Specific locations are examined from diverse perspectives in order to visualise a “parallel” history by relating different “fragments” to each other: I connect my photographs and notes to archival material, library sources, Internet finds and contributions by third parties (guests or coincidental passersby). These “fragments” form the material for my performances, publications and installations.

01.12.2013 – 01.04.2014