Duy Nguyen


“I often describe my art practice as an attempt to take ownership and re-write stories of the Vietnamese diaspora in Norway (and Europe). My practice researches multicultural identity, often in connection with mental health and/or masculinity. Growing up without an identity anchor and cultural reference points, my work often becomes an exploration of contradictions – manifested through aesthetics and language. My work moves between perception and reality, truth and staging, trying to fill the voids by creating plausible simulacra.

I work interdisciplinary with photography, text, installation, and video, where photography has often been the core of my practice. My inspiration comes from different sources – most of all; personal experiences. However, I also find a lot of inspiration in recent literature on migration, as well as poetry by queer and Asian writers.”
– Duy Nguyen

01.12.2023 – 30.11.2024