Part 1

SUPER 8 is an artist-curated, video art exhibition organized by the Los Angeles-based Christopher Grimes Gallery, where it first premiered July 8 through September 3, 2011. This ambitious video exhibition features the works of forty international contemporary artists. With the roots of video art intertwined with that of cinema, SUPERR 8 derives its title from the mid-century motion picture film format of the same name. For this exhibition, the gallery had invited eight artists to curate a week’s worth of programming with fellow artists from their respective cities. Each week of SUPER 8 focuses on a different city: Berlin, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Within that week, a day is dedicated to the work of one artist. In addition to highlighting key video artists, SUPER 8 contextualizes their work within a global community of artists working in the same media. Through various approaches, from a variety of generations, SUPER 8 presents a cross section of this often misunderstood and underestimated form of art.

Thu, 1.3.2012: SUPER 8 – short excerpts

DUBLIN (curators: Walker & Walker):
Fri, 2.3.2012: Walker & Walker, Mount Analogue Revisited, 2010
Sat, 3.3.2012: Mark Orange, The Collaboration, 2006
Sun, 4.3.2012: Jaki Irvine, The Actress, 2003
Tue, 6.3.2012: Grace Weir, Dust defying gravity, 2003
Wed, 7.3.2012: Dorothy Cross, The Eyemaker, 2000

LISBON (curator Julião Sarmento):
Thu, 8.3.2012: Julião Sarmento, R.O.C. (40 plus one), 2011
Fri, 9.3.2012: Alexandre Estrela, O Cobra Verde, 2010
Sat, 10.3.2012: Gabriel Abrantes, Olympia I & II, 2006
Sun, 11.3.2012: João Onofre, Untitled (N’en Finit Plus)
Tue, 13.3.2012: Vasco Araújo, The Girl from the Golden West, 2004

LONDON (curators Wood & Harrison):
Wed, 14.3.2012: Wood & Harrison, Notebook, 2004
Thu, 15.3.2012: Graham Gussin, Spill, 2006
Fri, 16.3.2012: John Smith, Worst Case Scenario, 2001-2003
Sat, 17.3.2012: Ruaidhri Ryan, Exercises in how to be cool, 2010
Sun, 18.3.2012: Marcus Coates, Finfolk, 2003

LOS ANGELES (curator: Marco Brambilla):
Tue, 20.3.2012: Marco Brambilla, Wall of Death, 2001
Wed, 21.3.2012: Euan Macdonald, Healer, 2002
Thu, 22.3.2012: John Baldessari, Script, 1973-1977
Fri, 23.3.2012: Julie Orser, Bloodwork, 2009
Sat, 24.3.2012: Morgan Fisher, Protective Coloration, 1979

Sun, 25.3.2012: Preview SUPER 8 / Part 2
(16.8. – 9.9.2012 at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien)

02.03. – 25.03.2012

Admission free