Ofir Dor

Woman with a Mirror, Man with a Camera

The paintings on show in Woman with a Mirror, Man with a Camera were executed between 2016–2017 and feature couples in erotic situations rendered through a language where symbolism, the esoteric and art history intermingle – an inexhaustible source to Dor for ideas and inspiration. The mostly nude couples are located in the domestic setting of a bedroom or hotel room, or yet in some fantasized Arcadian nature. Equipped with ocular props such as a camera or mirror, they engage in a sex play of gazes and self-display, which to the outside viewer – taking the position of a voyeur – seems naively awkward. They indulge in their nudity, posing for themselves and their partner as they try out different positions and revel in their image as reflected or gazed upon through a window, peephole or camera.
In their knowing game of appearances and the uninhibited thrill of the gaze, the male and female participants bring to mind a topic from art history –
that of the artist and his model, which Dor tackles with a contemporary twist.

Ofir Dor, *1972 in Israel, lives and works in Berlin.

24.05. – 18.06.2017
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
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7 pm