Hsu Ting

Liminal Space

The liminal space describes a spatial threshold state between the past and the future. It functions like a kind of aesthetic memory that is tied to specific places of transition. It is like a corridor between two points frozen in time and space. This process of transformation shows the existence of the past and the yearning for the destination. They seem familiar, and yet, through the absence of life, they convey the feeling of a dream. What lies hidden here? Is this place anchored in our world at all, or is it in another dimension? It looks like here, but does not seem like here.

Hsu Ting’s visual language is based on these threshold situations. She views her photographic work as a process rather than a final product, seeking to extend the photographic image beyond the finite moment in which it was taken. Her images are often abstracted until distance, time and place blur and unfold in the space of the present. From capture to presentation, her clear and purposeful manipulation explores the photographic concepts of light and shadow, and the way the image frame and structural elements can emphasize the connection between image, space and viewer.

22.09. – 15.10.2023
Tue - Sun: 2 - 7pm
Admission free


Hsu Ting