Tomoyuki Ueno


The confined fire is something to burn hardest, Installation, W. 250 x H. 240 x D. 185 cm (with the pipes), window grilles, pipes - brass/stainless steel/copper, 2015

In point of the principle to expand the view of the world by the balance between embodiment and abstraction or space, my works might resemble poem. But the works are experiences of the extraordinary, which are to see the fact from different point of view. The depth of the view of the world is how it reflects the fact. The experience of the extraordinary makes our realization frameworks to objective. The beginning of my artworks, the theme was time or how to rock our perception but to see the fact. Recent years I have been making my works about national borders as well as national anthems and also I try to realize monism. Oneself and the others or oneself and the world, such dichotomies would make you to see the world one-sided. Now I think that is important to exert influence on instinct to realize that there are not such borders physically and also conceptually.

01.06.2017 – 01.06.2018