Pernille Koldbech Fich


(…) Oscillating between reality and fiction, between the actual personality of the portraitee and the diffuse semi-fictionality which, although inherent in all photographs, cannot be fully grasped – this is precisely what this compelling atmosphere of past and present achieves, this blending of reality and fiction, this merging of photography, painting and film that triggers countless associations and permeates the perception of the artist’s large-format photographs that haunt our memory as mysterious and enigmatic, poetic and still images.

With its confident and playful affinity with painting on the one hand and film on the other, Koldbech Fich’s photography may be considered against the background of artistic photography’s significant transformation in the last few decades, which eventually allows it to freely and playfully refer back to other media and genres without having to assert itself as an artistic medium. (…)

Ann-Christin Bertrand

01.01. – 30.06.2010